Hi All. I'm Kris, your moderator here at Ninth and Fillmore.

I’m a lifelong Lutheran, born and raised in the CLC (Church of the Lutheran Confession).
As a kid, church for me meant pastors in black, no processions, no chanting, and the red hymnal.

I later joined the the ELS (Evangelical Lutheran Synod), where I was introduced to pastors in white, some different hymns (e.g., “Thy Strong Word”), occasional chanting, and lutefisk and lefse. Thumbs up on the lefse! Thumbs down (way down) on the lutefisk.

I now attend St. John’s Lutheran, an LCMS church (Missouri Synod) in Kansas, with my husband Jon, a pastor, and daughter Ingrid, who’s in high school. St. John’s is one of the most “high church” churches I’ve attended (think processions; reverencing the altar). And once again, I’m learning new hymns (new to me, that is; not new as in “written after 1950”).

Although I’m Lutheran, I have a little Catholic in me, too. My mom was raised Catholic in the Czech town of Lonsdale, Minnesota. I have vivid memories of attending mass with my grandparents (and wondering what to do and what not to do) and eating way too many kolacky at their annual church bazaar.

On the professional front, I’ve spent much of my career in academia, teaching rhetoric
courses (e.g., public speaking, classical rhetoric, speechwriting) at places like Bethany Lutheran College and the University of Kansas. 

Admittedly, rhetoricians haven’t always had the best reputation. We’ve been accused, for example, of preferring style over substance, and beauty over truth. 

No worries here. On this blog, truth trumps beauty—hence the emphasis on sound words. But if the words are beautiful, too, that’s praiseworthy in my book.

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