I love the comments section of blog posts and newspaper articles.

Some of the best stuff is there. It might be an insightful observation. Or a unique perspective. Or an interesting chain of reasoning. It might be additional information, or a politely worded difference of opinion, or simply a confirmation that someone else's comment resonates (along with the reason why).

With reader commentary like this, you can't help but learn something. I'm banking on learning a lot from you all (or from my Tennessee days, "y'all") in the comments section here.  

Of course, some of the worst stuff also appears in the comments section. You've likely seen it. Personal attacks. Snarky comments. Unhelpful sarcasm. Off-topic political ranting. Long-winded comments. Persnickety remarks from the spelling and grammar police.

Just the sort of stuff you can never see yourself writing, right?  

With that said, here are the discussion guidelines for Ninth and Fillmore:

1) Participate! The more people who add to the conversation, the greater our chances of picking up something new, valuable, and interesting.

2) Post comments in the "best stuff" spirit.

3) Avoid comments in the "worst stuff" spirit.

I've elected to moderate the discussions, meaning that I'll see all comments before they go live. The downside: you can expect a delay before seeing your comments. The upside: "worst stuff" material will be culled out.

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section.


Polly said...

Kris, you really hit it out of the park with the Sept. 1 blog. I'm looking for ward to getting hold of "The Defense Never Rests" first for myself and then to share with a friend who is new to orthodox Lutheranism. Thanks.

Kristine Bruss said...

Thanks, Polly. Glad the post was helpful!